About our Research

Colloids are fluid-suspended, microscopically small particles found in gels, glasses and suspensions that form more than 95% of biological fluids, as well as everyday substances between liquid and solid state — think paint, shampoo and yogurt. But even though colloidal materials are found in all aspects of life, only recent advances in computational modeling have shed light on the material structure that makes them useful. The Zia Lab’s computational modeling has led the way in many of these advances.

Micro-Continuum Theory of Complex Fluids

Combined energy and momentum methods preserve microscopic detail in point wise heterogeneous averages.

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Phase Mechanics

Non-equilibrium phase transition in colloids: gels and glasses.

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Confined & Hydrodynamically Interacting Colloids

High-fidelity modeling of particle-laden droplets and simple biological cells.

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Modeling the Physics of Life

“Bio-colloidal” physics regulate cells.

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